March 21st 2018 | Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

About the event


Green Fleets inside

Green Fleets 2018: Transforming Scotland’s Public Sector Fleets

This event will focus on the changing landscape of transport policy in Scotland, which has resulted in the timeline for adopting green fleets becoming shorter. Following bold ambitions laid out in both Switched On Scotland Phase 2: An Action Plan for Growth and the Programme for Government 2017-2018, the Scottish Government has reaffirmed the commitment for Scotland to be a global leader in electric vehicle (EV) technology and sustainable transport.

The public sector has an important opportunity to lead the way to the widescale adoption of EV’s, and has already made great strides. Yet, to maintain the position at the forefront, those working in fleet management must constantly collaborate, innovate and adapt across platforms to ensure that the Scottish public sector remains the benchmark for best practice. 

Change is happening fast. Scotland’s first low emissions zone (LEZ) in Glasgow is due to come into force next year, with LEZs being rolled out across Scotland’s three other cities by 2020. With commitments to provide financial support for the public sector to increase procurement of EVs, and plans to expand charging infrastructure it is vital that the public sector lead the change to EV adoption.

Furthermore, with only 15 years until petrol and diesel vehicles are prohibited from operating in Scotland, we must look towards 2032 with a willingness to change current culture and practice.

Why you should attend

This event presents an opportunity to understand how we can better manage our fleets, in terms of cost barriers, financial pressures, training and widening skill-sets, risk reduction and fuel price volatility. Understand the benefits of upgrading fleets for asset value, cost reductions and overall increase CSR.

Delegates will be able to hear from the Scottish Government and other key speakers about current and future policy priorities which will affect their day-to-day roles and meet with industry experts to ‘shop around’ for the best solutions for their fleet. 

Who should attend

  • Fleet Manager
  • Transport Management
  • Facilities Manager
  • Electric Vehicle Administration and Management
  • Climate Change Policy Lead
  • Infrastructure Management and Development
  • Sustainable Development Management and Development
  • Business Development Manager
  • Environmental Health Manager
  • Head of Low Carbon & Innovation
  • Head of Planning
  • Public Transport Management and Development