March 21st 2018 | Corn Exchange, Edinburgh


Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS)

The Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS) was founded in 1996 following a change in local government. It is a strategic body comprising of transportation professionals from all the 32 councils and the seven regional transport partnerships. The society's work involves improving performance and innovation in the design, delivery and maintenance of transportation systems. 

This is done by actively influencing important aspects of transportation at the highest levels in Scottish Government by responding to consultations from Government, providing advice on legislation as it is developed or implemented, advising COSLA, local authorities and stakeholders. Another key way in which this is achieved is by communicating the important role of transportation in the current financial climate and dealing with the related issues of sustainability such as economic, environmental and social factors.

It is also our priority to improve the performance in the way things are done. This could be by developing best practice through publishing guidelines such as the SUDS for Roads or through training courses for staff across Scotland. It can also be achieved through partnership working where issues are identified such as the need to have a Scottish road maintenance condition survey. This has proved to be very effective, and another project is in progress to enhance road asset management plans in a standard way across Scotland.


EV Association Scotland

The Electric Vehicle Association Scotland (EVAS) was set up in 2012 by a group of pioneering EV drivers with a passionate interest in promoting EVs in Scotland.

Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and ages and drive the full range of EVs currently available.

Membership reached 507 in April 2017 and has increased 45% in the past 14 months thus reflecting the steep increase in EV interest and ownership in the country.

Members meet regularly to discuss all EV matters and issues which they face as a group.